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At Simple Man Construction and Remodeling, we specialize in creating outdoor living spaces that enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional deck and patio construction services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're looking to create a custom deck or a serene patio, we have the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life.

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Deck Construction

A well-designed deck can transform your outdoor space into a perfect spot for relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying the beautiful Tennessee weather. Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to design and construct a deck that complements your home's architecture and meets your individual preferences. From traditional wooden decks to low-maintenance composite options, we offer a wide range of materials and styles to choose from. With attention to detail and expert craftsmanship, we ensure that your deck is not only visually appealing but also built to withstand the test of time.

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Elevate Your Outdoor Living Experience With a Custom Deck

Elevate your outdoor living experience with a custom deck built by our expert deck builders in Tennessee and Virginia!


Increase Living Space

A well-designed deck can effectively expand your living area, providing a versatile space for relaxation, dining, entertaining, and hosting gatherings. Whether you're enjoying the morning or hosting a summer BBQ, seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor living.


Enhance Aesthetics

A carefully crafted deck can elevate the visual appeal of your home, creating a focal point in your backyard that complements your property's architecture and landscaping. Customize your deck to reflect your personal style with the variety of options and materials to choose from.


Improve Property Value

Adding a deck to your home can increase its resale value and appeal to potential buyers. A well-maintained and structurally sound deck is considered a desirable feature in real estate, making your property more attractive and marketable in the long run.

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Patio Construction

A beautifully designed patio can create an inviting and functional outdoor living area where you can unwind and entertain guests. Whether you desire a cozy space for intimate gatherings or a spacious patio for large gatherings, our team will collaborate with you to bring your ideas to fruition. From selecting the right materials to designing the layout and incorporating personalized features, we ensure that your patio reflects your unique style and perfectly complements your home. With our expertise in patio construction, we create durable and elegant outdoor spaces that you'll enjoy for years to come.

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Unlocking the Benefits of Owning a Patio

As a leading patio contractor serving Tennessee and Virginia, we are here to help you unlock the benefits of owning a patio!


Enjoy Al Fresco Dining

Enjoying meals outdoors is a delightful experience, and a patio offers the ideal spot for al fresco dining. Whether it's a family breakfast, a romantic dinner under the stars, or a casual lunch with friends, your patio provides a charming setting to savor delicious food and drinks in the fresh air.


Relax Outdoors

Transform your patio into a peaceful retreat where you can unwind, read a book, meditate, or simply bask in the beauty of nature. By adding elements such as cozy seating, colorful planters, and soothing décor, your patio becomes a tranquil escape where you can relax and recharge.


Embrace Outdoor Lifestyle

Spending time on your patio allows you to reap the benefits of outdoor living, including increased exposure to natural light, fresh air, and vitamin D. Whether you're gardening, practicing yoga, or playing with pets, a patio encourages a healthy and active lifestyle.


Deck vs. Patio: Understanding the Difference

When it comes to outdoor living spaces, the choice between a deck and a patio can have a significant impact on the functionality and aesthetics of your backyard oasis. Understanding the differences between these two options, as well as the various types available, can help you make an informed decision that suits your lifestyle and design preferences.

  • Wood: A classic and timeless choice, a wood deck adds warmth and natural beauty to your outdoor space. Wood decks can be constructed using a variety of wood types, such as cedar, redwood, or pressure-treated lumber, providing a traditional look that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

  • Zuri Deck: Zuri Deck, made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), offers a high-end decking an patio option that combines durability with low maintenance. Resistant to scratches, stains, and fading, Zuri Deck provides a sleek and modern aesthetic that can elevate the visual appeal of your outdoor environment.

  • Trex Deck: Composite decking, such as Trex Deck, is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood decks and patios. Made from a blend of recycled materials and wood fibers, Trex Deck offers the natural beauty of wood with the added benefits of durability and resistance to rot, mold, and insects.

  • Concrete and Brick Patios: Concrete and brick patios are versatile outdoor living spaces known for their durability and visual appeal. Concrete patios offer a sleek and modern look that can be customized with various finishes and patterns. On the other hand, brick patios exude a timeless charm and rustic elegance, providing a classic backdrop for outdoor gatherings and relaxation.

Whether you opt for a deck for elevated outdoor activities or a patio for ground-level relaxation and entertainment, both options provide unique benefits to enhance your home's outdoor living experience.

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Elevate Your Outdoor Living Experience With Simple Man Construction

At Simple Man Construction, our deck builders and patio contractors understand the importance of creating outdoor spaces that not only enhance the beauty of your home but also provide a place for you to relax, entertain, and create memories. Whether you're drawn to the low-maintenance durability of PVC decking or the eco-friendly charm of composite patios, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

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